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Rock Pillows- These are pillows that look like rocks!

Rock Pillows- These are pillows that look like rocks!

Rock Pillows Are Here

Just in case you haven’t seen these yet… below is a sample of the rock pillows you’ll find at RockPillows.com.  We now offer 5 unique rock pillow designs and you’ll see that you can put together some awesome rock pillow sets with these designs.  From a huge pile of rocks in the kid’s room or living room to a zen rock stack and more, these pillows are just plain fun.  So lets get started!  Scroll down the page to see these beautiful, unique pillows in action:

The Zen Rock Pillow Stack
Available here:http://www.rockpillows.com/zen-rocks-pillow-stack/

Zen Rock Pillows Stack

Zen Rock Pillows

Zen Rock Pillows The Ultimate Rock Pillow Set
Available here: http://www.rockpillows.com/ultimate-rock-pillow-set/

Buy Rock PillowsBig Rock Pillows




The Boulders Set
Available Here: http://www.rockpillows.com/boulder-rock-pillow-set/

rock pillows bouldersLet’s take a closer look at the individual Rock Pillow designs, starting with the BIG ONE!!!

The Big Rock Pillow
Available Here: http://www.rockpillows.com/big-rock-pillow/

Big Rock Pillow

Huge Rock Pillows

The Boulder Rock Pillow
Available Here: http://www.rockpillows.com/rock-pillow-boulder/

Rock pillows boulderThe Stone Rock Pillow
Available Here: http://www.rockpillows.com/river-rock-pillow/

river rock pillowsboulder rock pillows

The Stone Rock Pillow
Available Here: http://www.rockpillows.com/stone-rock-pillow/

Rock Pillows StoneStone Pillow

The Pebble Rock Pillow
Available Here: http://www.rockpillows.com/pebble-rock-pillow/

rock pillow pebblelifting rock pillows

And just to finish up this post, how about a few more pics of our bestselling rock pillow sets:

rock pillows in childrens room

rock pillows on floor


rock pillow set